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Balancing Self Care & Your Mental Health with Budgeting

When most of us think of budgeting, we immediately associate it with: Save. Sacrifice. Save some more. Sacrifice what’s left after saving. Then save even more. And it’s true; saving and sacrifice (as well as investing) for a period of time are crucial building blocks for achieving financial wealth. But when all is said and done, remember that you are your greatest asset.

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3 Worthwhile Things To Do This Weekend That Won’t Blow Your Budget

The weekend tends to be the time that people typically spend more, usually because they have more time on their hands and less regular activities from a work schedule to keep them busy. This extra time often gives way to boredom and it is a known fact that when you’re bored, you buy, generally in an attempt to fill the void you may be feeling. Not only

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How To Create An Effective Budget In 4 Simple Steps

Your budget is the most fundamental part of your entire financial life. In fact, nothing else works unless it does. Having a budget is crucial not only in learning how to better manage the money you currently have, but also for creating financial growth and well-being. Unfortunately, budgeting often carries the misconception that it is something you have to be innately good at, or

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