About Kenishia

Meet The Founder;Kenishia S. Mais

Hey there, welcome! I’m Kenishia Mais, a Jamaican entrepreneur, Financial Educator and the visionary behind ThrivingDollars. Having always been fascinated by money since childhood – how it works, how to earn more, how to effectively manage and save it – I taught myself how to budget and became an avid saver during my high school years. I carried my financial discipline into adulthood and when I wasn’t meticulously accounting for every dollar earned or received, I was busy starting side hustles and businesses to earn even more. One of those businesses being an ecommerce retail store that I built from the ground up, starting with US$6 in 2014 and ran for 2 years.


Though I honestly adopted and practiced solid financial habits from early, I soon found myself broke due to being overburdened by family for financial support. Tired of struggling, I embarked on a journey of financial recovery and during this time, delved deeper into the world of personal finances. This period uncovered a passion for stocks and investing, which led me to becoming a self-taught investor at age 21. After regaining my financial footing, I started to share the financial knowledge I had gained with others through my personal blog in 2013 and began helping my friends to better manage their own finances. From this, ThrivingDollars was born.

Having been at almost every end of the financial spectrum, I founded ThrivingDollars on the belief that with access to the right education and resources, anyone can develop the discipline to dismantle their negative relationship with money and create their ideal financial life. Because, let’s be real: even if you aren’t money-obsessed or aspire to be Oprah-rich, your life goals inevitably involve getting money, spending money or eliminating debt.


Financial literacy ought to be readily available and accessible and here, we break down seemingly complex financial topics so that anyone can understand and apply them to their own lives, including you, despite where you may be on your financial journey.

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