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Hey there, I’m Kenishia!

I’m a Jamaican entrepreneur, Financial Educator and hella passionate about financial literacy.

In 2013, my entire financial life collapsed and I had no clue how to start the rebuilding process. After quite a bit of work and some very tough lessons, I finally managed to get and keep my finances on track. This led me to create ThrivingDollars which serves as a resource for people who find themselves in similar situations and need the help that I couldn’t find then.

I am deeply in love with the work that I do through ThrivingDollars and firmly believe that with access to the right education and resources, just about everyone can create a financial life they are proud of.

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Need accountability?

The #MoneyMeetup event series harnesses the power of community by bringing young adults together to have meaningful conversations about money in a safe space.


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Our Digital Financial Academy delivers an all-inclusive dose of financial knowledge that will equip you with the why, what and how you need to create your ideal financial life.


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Book your spot in either of our intense coaching programs to get clear on your money goals, whip your finances into shape and strategize your financial life.


Wherever you are on your financial journey, we need you. Join our FREE private community of millennials who are doing the work daily to create their ideal financial lives.

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