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Financial Strategy Session

Your financial journey has endless directions for you to choose from, but do know what your next best steps should be? Do you find it nearly impossible to stay on track with your budget? Are you wondering, “Where did my money go?” every month? By now, you’ve probably learned that confusion and lack of a clear strategy is paralyzing and costly.

Gaining clarity and creating a strategy for your money is as important as earning the money itself, and I’m here to help you with that. During our 90 minute session, I won’t just tell you what to do – I’ll also give you insight as to why and how so you will be better equipped to understand your complete financial picture and create your ideal financial life.

Let’s create a strategy. During our 90 minute session, I’ll help you to:

  • Analyze your spending habits, financial mindset and money roadblocks.
  • Create a personalized and actionable budgeting, saving, or investment strategy.
  • Map out your next best financial steps and provide you with a detailed action plan.

After your Strategy Session, you will also have access to 30 days of priority email support and special discounts on booking follow-up sessions as needed.

Complete Cashflow Intensive

3 Month Guided Coaching

Ever felt so overwhelmed by your financial state that you just wish you could hit a reset button and get a fresh start? The good news is, you can.

When your spending doesn’t reflect your goals or you just can’t seem to get ahead financially no matter what you try, that can be frustrating. Constantly asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong with my money?” month after month or year after year is debilitating. Let’s not do that anymore. It’s time to hit reset.

During this guided 3 month coaching program, I’ll help you to clear the clutter of debt, identify your cash leakages and revamp your financial life. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover in the Complete Cashflow Intensive program:

Kenishia S. Mais

Session 1: Induction & High Level Overview (30 mins)

  • Evaluation of your short, medium and long term financial goals.
  • Creation of a financial roadmap based on your goals.


Session 2: Financial Mindset & Budget Creation (1 hour)

  • Analyzing your financial mindset and spending habits.
  • Creation of a customized budgeting system.

Session 3: Reflection & Review (30 mins)

  • Review of your spending habits and discussion on your relationship with money.
  • Examination of budgeting system’s effectiveness (and adapting if necessary).


Session 4: Debt Elimination Strategy (1 hour)

  • Creation of a debt repayment plan and strategy.

Session 5: Investing Overview & Strategy (1 hour)

  • Exploring fundamental investing techniques and strategies for long term wealth building (inc. retirement planning).
  • Analyzing different investment vehicles and determining the ones that would best suit your specific needs.


Session 6: Conclusion & Review (30 mins)

  • Review of your goals that were established at the onset of the program
  • Discussion of your progress and financial momentum.

Investment: $299

(Payment Plan Available)

Revamp Your Cashflow

As a VIP coaching client, you will also receive:

  • Unlimited access to a customized cashflow system to monitor and manage your cashflow.
  • 90 days of priority email and phone support upon completion of your VIP coaching.
  • An itemized action plan to keep you on track to achieving your established and future goals.
  • Special client discounts on booking follow-up sessions as needed, up to 6 months.

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